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"Just wanted to share with you and others out there how great your goat's milk soap is. As you know I have been using your goat's milk soap (in lots of different fragrances) for the last year. Last week I ran out and had to use one of the name brand "beauty bars". Within 3 days my legs were dry and itchy. So much so that they were bleeding from where I was scratching them so much. I am not a lotion person and find that with the goat's milk soap my skin stays nice and moisturized without additional lotion. Thanks for a great product.

P.S. My significant other is a mail carrier and every winter he has to wear latex gloves because his hands get so dry. Not this year, thanks to your soap.”
- Terri in Michigan

"I want to order 12 bars of soap. It is Fantastic. My husband has not had the skin problem since he started using this soap!"
- Pam in Ohio

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