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Soap Standle--the most awesome soap saver ever Soap ($5.50)
NOW AVAILABLE! Soap Standles are amazing. I was able to buy some of these "Made in America" goo stoppers at a great price. These are NEW and stop the GOO! I bought two a while back to try out and they are amazing. My soap truly has no goo! Whether by the sink or in the shower, my soap lasts a LOT longer. You just push one of the clear plastic Standles onto a bar of soap and it lifts it up off the surface where goo usually develps. Using a Soap Standle also makes the soap easier to hang on to in the bath or shower. The design is shear genius and is brought to us by a entrepreneur in Memphis TN. It is reusable and Made in America. You'll need one for each place you have a bar of soap, but when that soap is gone, you can re-use over and over again.
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