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Salted Soap-Himalayan Coffee Soap ($4.95)
NEW! I love my salted soaps. The extra fine Himalayan salt doesn't dissolve, so it is imbedded in the soap---giving it a "scrubby" texture. I like the the scrubbiness right on my skin, but some folks like to suds it up first in their hands before using on their body. Either way it is lovely. This soap has a buttery coffee scent plus activated charcoal which makes it even better for your skin. And, I use the same lime-rich Bluegrass water in this soap that makes KY bourbon great, and the Bluegrass perfect for race horses. KY Highbridge water comes straight out of a local cave. Ingredients: Coconut oil, Himalayan pin salt, local Kentucky High Bridge spring water, food grade lye, fragrance oil and activated charcoal.
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