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Pots On Stove
Heating the oils and butters while the lye cools
Mixing Ingredients
Here I am blending the oils and the lye water together. This is a bit tricky. I add the scent and any other ingredients, like cocoa powder, cinnamon and so forth. This is a batch of Gentleman Farmer.
Empty Mold
The mold is ready for me to pour in the soap.
Full Mold
Gentleman Farmer is in the mold. I add the dividers…
Mold With Dividers
And now it needs to sit till tomorrow. This batch does not need to be kept warm. Some types I need to cover with a wooden lid and a bath towel so they cool slowly.
Removing Soap From Molds
I take it out of the molds…
Soap Curing
And let it cure for 2-3 weeks.
Wrapped, Finished Soap
Wrapped and ready to go