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The Beginning... I loved reading the "Little House on the Prairie," books as a child and decided that if God ever blessed me with a daughter of my own, I would name her after one of the Ingalls girls in the books. So, when my only girl was born, following 3 older brothers, we named her Kari, after Carrie Ingalls.

The name Prairie Kari began years ago when I made Kari, and each of my several nieces, an old fashioned pillowcase doll. I tied little tags on them that said, "Prairie Kari was made with love especially for you." Through the years when I have created crafts, I have lovingly referred to them as Prairie Kari crafts, so it just seemed natural to name my soap the same way.Daughter Kari In Dress

The Prairie theme runs through many aspects of our home. Our five children have all been homeschooled, although most are grown now. I make my own bread, can applesauce, and I love to sew, read and make campfires. Kari still likes to churn butter in our antique butter churn whenever she gets some time-but now that she is on her own, those times are few and far between.

Sometimes I think I was born 100 years too late. Prairie Kari Soap is a result of our longing for simpler times. I love the mild pure Prairie Kari Soap. I have always had dry skin and with my homemade soap I rarely have a problem with it anymore. Also, most of my soaps are enriched with cocoa or shea butter, and of course most start with pure virgin olive oil.

My hope is that as you use my Prairie Kari soap or give it as gifts, you will be reminded of a simpler, quiet time. A time when all things were handmade, natural and pure.